Commit b19ae5bc authored by Bastien Durel's avatar Bastien Durel
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add source schema from RFC draft

parent 79cd0f36
"organization-name": organization-name,
"date-range": {
"start-datetime": date-time,
"end-datetime": date-time
"contact-info": email-address,
"report-id": report-id,
"policies": [{
"policy": {
"policy-type": policy-type,
"policy-string": policy-string,
"policy-domain": domain,
"mx-host": mx-host-pattern
"summary": {
"total-successful-session-count": total-successful-session-count,
"total-failure-session-count": total-failure-session-count
"failure-details": [
"result-type": result-type,
"sending-mta-ip": ip-address,
"receiving-mx-hostname": receiving-mx-hostname,
"receiving-mx-helo": receiving-mx-helo,
"receiving-ip": receiving-ip,
"failed-session-count": failed-session-count,
"additional-information": additional-info-uri,
"failure-reason-code": failure-reason-code
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